The Era of Prevention-only Security is Over

By Feris Rifai at 7/23/2014 5:04 PM
Filed Under: Context, IT Analytics, Risk Fabric, Risk Management

I recently participated in a panel at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit: “Security Startups: Leading the Way to Success.” As panelists, it was important for us to address the current state of IT security tools and market dynamics, in order to talk about the path to success in today’s crowded market.  As the conversation started, it was clear that the Era of Prevention-only Security is over and this gave way to multiple, large investments in monitoring and detection solutions.


Security teams are drowning in false positives as they deal with a barrage of information coming from siloed security tools, trying to manually piece things together by hopping from solution to solution and ultimately leading to a lack of confidence in the data. Today, enterprises need to align their data and provide context through behavior analysis – so security practitioners and investigators have a clear focus.


As we look at innovations in the security industry and the path to success, it’s becoming increasingly clear that IT security teams need tools to help them focus on what’s important. 

And that’s where Bay Dynamics steps in. With Risk Fabric, we deliver superior context – leveraging real user behavior and data from our clients’ point solutions – to enable IT security teams to prioritize their actions for faster remediation.


If you are struggling with a siloed approach to IT security and going crazy with the  data your point solutions produce, contact us and we can talk more about how to bring sanity – through  context –back to your IT security team.