Using IT Analytics and the Dell Management Pack to understand power consumption trends in your data center

By Rob Reyes at 7/6/2011 2:13 PM
Filed Under: IT Analytics, OpsMgr, GreenIT

Bay Dynamics is interested in GreenIT and finding more effective ways to manage and track the power consumption of the Dell servers in our data center.  Using IT Analytics to analyze the power performance data collected by the Dell Management Pack, we can review power usage and find ways to reduce usage over time.


I downloaded the Dell Management Pack from here:


We installed the Dell Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager to get additional insight in to our Dell infrastructure.  Once this data was reported to Operations Manager, we processed the SCOM data to our IT Analytics cubes to view the available data.



We can see that the the management pack has some great performance data around power consumption, which is the exact data I want to focus on. 


I am interested on how much energy the servers in my data center are using, so I've added the server name to my pivot table, along with the minimum, average and maximum values.  By slicing and dicing the data, I can get deep insight as to how many Watts each server is using. 



Let's visualize this data in a chart and compare these servers.


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I can see that my averages are close to the bottom end of power consumption, which is a good thing.  However, I am curious about the spike on my one of my SQL servers.  When did that occur, and could it be a trend?


Rather than following up with my DBAs to build out a complex report that may take several hours to build, I modified my chart so I can filter on the SQL server I am interested in, along with adding dates to see what the daily power consumption. 


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More good news!  The two spikes look to be an exception and only occurred across two specific dates.  Filtering on those two dates and adding the hour to the pivot table, I can see this server's hourly power consumption.


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With our GreenIT initiative in place, my management was concerned about quantifying our efforts.  We had developed and implemented a plan that we felt was sound, but really needed to understand how these changes effected our data center environment.  The Dell Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager gave us invaluable power consumption data.  By using IT Analytics, I was able to easily navigate this power consumption data and quickly create a number of reports for my management team.  Also, since the report is as dynamic as the data, my management team can review the latest information, when they need it, without having to wait for a new report or additional processing time.